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No need to apologize Pen, that's why we're here asking.
I agree, at times its hard to tell a lot of similar species apart. Especially when your looking in the wrong place! I didn't realize I had gotten any shots of a bird that was as large as the RRBB so I never checked that section.
Knowing what your looking for helps a lot, after looking up the Savannah, its obvious.
Looking back on my post I see I posted contradicting photos of what I thought might be a Pine Siskin, the first three and last two. Can't believe I did that! But, in my defense, I'm thinking I could be right about the last two... although according to the map it
would be at the extreme edge of there range, so if there is a better guess, I'm open to it.
Thanks again for being so helpful Pen, and thank you too Scott for the ID on the RRBB

Oh, almost forgot, these were taken in central Florida about half way between Lakeland and Bartow.

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