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Buying a used dSLR is a big gamble. You don't know how much it was used or what abuse it was subjected to. dSLRs have more moving parts and are more delicate than P&S digicams. When you buy used, you don't get a warranty. If you buy a dSLR and a bunch of accessories for it, and it stops working, you want it fixed. Getting your money back won't help with all the other stuff you bought.

If you're really pinching pennies, you might be better off with a refurbished dSLR from a reputable retailer. sells factory refurbished Canon, Olympus, and Nikon dSLRs with store warranties that are as long as the factory warranties on new items. Sony has the SonyStyle Oultlet store where you can buy refurbished Sony dSLRs.

I suggest you rethink your plan.
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