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Originally Posted by Cresho View Post
ohh screw it. here is one frame. Sanyo's technology has purple fringing and this shows the exact same thing I have with my camera. The only one in the market with purple fringing that I am aware of. I can do much more frame by frames if you want. Here is an observation. the sign on the left, the right side of that sign is black but the left side is purple when it's suppose to be black. the bike on the lower right reflects purple off chrome. I can go on and on and on about this.

ha! just found another brand that has purple fringing. COuld not be sanyo tech after all....8)

Just to add salt to your injury, I see no purple fringing in the hs10. I see other issues but I don't see purple fringing.
You got to be friggen kidding pal , the TM700 has the best video quality on the planet of any 1080p consumer camcorder.

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