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Originally Posted by Widowmaker View Post
Why must we assume that everyone wants to know exactly what is happening? Maybe someone just wants to know that if they stick this lens on this camera will they get the same view as if they used the same lens on a another camera.

This is why I said.. "Without getting technical" and "Basically" . You seemed to quote and respond to me directly with..."Nope, using that lens you have a 17-55, nothing changes that." must have been for the sake of argument or to open the opportunity to get technical because my statement never suggested the lens magically transforms into a 27-88mm.
Not at all, but if someone is asking such a question they need to know something and generally they would have some previous understanding otherwise these numbers mean nothing.

If they have no understanding then as far as they are concerned they just need to know that it is 17-55mm, if they have an awareness of 35mm then this information is helpful but also they are likely to be able to understand the extra explanation that will be very helpful.

Yes, you can be simple, but being simple can cause more problems in the future, so a little additional, still simple and concise detail will make life much easier.
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