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Originally Posted by DonalDuc View Post
haha, April 1st was yesterday !
It beats the $3,500 Sony HDR-AX2000 in resolution.

Originally Posted by skoor
I did a quick cursory review of PRO cam last night, for the test/reviews I could find. The TM700's resolution was equal or better than most of the HDV ones and current low-end PRO Panasonic AVCHD cam. I wish I could find some test for resolution on the new Sony NXCAM AVCHD system. But bet the TM700 gives it a run for the money at the PQ resolution level.

Skoor, the TM700 is significantly sharper than my Sony Z5. I did a test yesterday in my backyard and found with the 700 I could clearly make out each individual roof tile. The Z5 was not nearly as distinct and it was hard to make out the individual tiles.

What's also interesting is that when you pan with the 700, the sharpness is fully retained. With my Z5, much of the detail becomes blurred as you pan.

Sony HVR-Z5U Professional HDV Camcorder:

$ 4,049.00

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