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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
I'm chiming in a bit late, but want to say how much I love your shot. That blue is always so awesome - a wonderful time of day to be out.
I am glad you enjoyed Harriet. It really was a magical dusk, the low clouds were really emphasizing the blue, which was really brief, i only got maybe 3 pictures before the blue gave way to dark.

Originally Posted by Mugmar View Post
I have to agree with everyone else. Fantastic shot Dustin. That needs to be blown up to billboard size and hung in a gallery.
Thank you Mugmar for the kind words. i am thinking of presenting this one, just need to figure out how exactly i want to.

Originally Posted by billy View Post
Wow, I really like this one Dustin. Great job.

So how you liking here in the Buckeye state?
Thanks Billy! I am enjoying Cleveland quite a lot. I have been using this week before i start work to scope out the local eateries and photographic spots, and Dodd's camera store lol. I love the architecture here and the proximity to the lake. Looking to explore more of Ohio when i get a chance. and maybe catch a fishing trip in the bass islands
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