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My first time in a forum, so my query is where is this poll. if it is strictly by post reply, here is my most importnat change request:
RAW format.

I commiserate with Bob, his postiton is not an easy one and must be frustrating. I found that the OIS works better than the system used by the A-1, but a tripod is mandatory at extreme focal lengths in moderate light. The shutdown of the viewfinder in lowlight is STUPID when one needs to make a fast grab shot, I now carry a LED tiny flashlight to ilum the seen, focus manually, turn off the LED and shoot. Works about 60% of the time handheld and about 90% w/ a tripod.
Please give me some more info on external flashes, other than the Panasonic which seems more expensive than other brands with more features other than the quasi-automatic (preset?) operation.
Also there IS a differnce in media speed as to writing to SD.
I guess this is enough for now, Please Bob, get me a RAW format output. In the meanwhile, I will use Neat Image and hope that I do not over plasicsize the pix.
One more question, does the Lizardtech fractal program work with the Panasonic .jpeg output? I would like to some more 20x30s. but do not wnat to purchase a product that may not work.
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