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Default Underwater-Camera


I am looking for a camera, which is suitable for taking pictures underwater and, more important - filming =)

I am aware that most users here will kill me for "wanting to make movies with a normal camera", but let me explain..

I am playing "underwater rugby" in my free time, and thus would like to film training/games etc. Besides, I would like to use the camera for "normal" pictures as well..

Important to me is good movie & image quality, and possibly a rather wide angle lens, for capturing most of the pool. Price does not matter that much..hd would be verrrrry nice.

The cam should be waterproof up (or rather down) to 5 metres... i am not sure if 3 metre suffice, since it is possible that iŽd go down to the bottom of the pool, which would be around 4 metres.

my favourites so far are the pentax w90, the panasonic ts 2, the olympus w 8010 and possibly the sony tx5 - which is, sadly enough, "just" proof to 3 metres..

so, thanks in advance for your suggestions



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