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Default Garden Macro

Hey Ho another rainy day but this time a gap in the showers meant I was able to get out into the garden to try out my new macro rig (Tamron 90 with Raynox 250 & LED ringflash).

My GSD was delighted, she thought I was there to keep her company and play play play ! So she got 30 mins and when I thought she was tired out I started looking for bugs........ I think I must be the only person in the world whose garden is a virtual bug-free zone.

I did however find a few common flies, some micro flies, a solitary wood louse and some mini snails. A veritable macro buffet !

Anyway here we go, there has been some PP and minor cropping :-

1. This is a very fragrant tree - I have been here too long because I know the Chinese word but have forgotten the English ! This bud is still growing and is tiny, maybe 10mm across.

2. Raindrop 1 - I love this ! Look at the reflection in the drop (it's the ringflash) and all up and down the twig (mini ringflashes) !

3. Raindrop 2 - I love the reflection of the rest of the tree in the drop.

4. Tea Rose - or something like that ! This is especially for Patty. It is quite small, maybe 5cm across but a really beautiful flower.

5. Fly 2 - a very small fly (ca. 1cm long)

Another 3 photos to come in the next post below.
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