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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
So what do you want to shoot?

While even the worst dSLR is better than most P&S digicams, the D5000 is the least capable of the APS-C dSLRs, while the 550D is one of the most capable (entry-level) dSLRs. But the only reason to pick one over the other is what you might use it for.

If you want to shoot sports/action/wildlife, go with the Canon.
That's exactly what I want to shoot.

Another question, the 500D is cheaper and is closer to my budget. Would it be a big no no to get the 500D over the 550D?

Also, is the D5000 not as good with the type of shooting that I am looking to do (as opposed to the 550D or the 500D)

Thanks again
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