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Hi mole,

Okay, I'm jealous. Spring is a bit late for us -- only a few days so far that could be considered warm so far, and a lot of the birds are taking their time showing up. People around here aren't helping either, and they've ruined some of my favorite shooting spots trying to control the "pest" birds, gulls and Canada Geese. The hospital pond where I've shot GBH and the Caspian Terns last season have fenced off the pond at the shoreline and strung wires across the water to discourage the birds from using the pond. I just don't understand their thinking -- people were much more destructive, throwing junk in the water. . .

Sorry for the mini rant -- Very nice series! I can't help but admire the incredible range of your perspective from landscapes to macros to ultra tele shots -- something to aspire to. . .

Keep these coming -- these give me some hope that it will get warm here soon. . .

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