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Default Entry-level DSLR, the Canon/Nikon/Pentax debate

hey all, I'm hoping that you all can help me decide on an entry-level DSLR to buy.
I have been passionate about photography since high school, which means I have been pining for a DSLR for for probably around 8 years. While money is still tight, I finally feel like I can splurge a little.

So, here are the DSLRs I'm currently considering:

Nikon d40, or a similar model, maybe d3000, d5000 or d90
Canon Rebel (of course, the newer rebels are more attractive options, but also more $$)
Pentax k-x

Surprisingly (I say 'surprisingly' because I know that lots of people are loyal to Canon & Nikon, but try to put these biases aside), I'm leaning toward the Pentax, and not only because it's in my price range (and a value at that) but also because I found that it is rated significantly higher across many websites than the Nikon and Canon models that I'm considering, and has some pretty impressive features. Plus, I can spend the money I'd be saving on the 2-lens kit, with the standard 18-55mm and a zoom lens as well.

I also don't know a lot about available lenses or lens compatibility for the different camera brands, so that could factor into my decision as well...if anyone has a good, comprehensive website about lenses that would be awesome.

Any advice?

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