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Default FZ35 Video FPS Issue

Hello all, I'm from India and I've recently bought an FZ35 (not 38) from eBay (regional). I probably should post this under the sticky thread regarding AVCHD but what the heck...anyway...continuing. Due to some reasons I had to return the first unit to the seller and after a while I got the replacement and I was happy with it until now. From what I've found going through numerous websites, I think that the FZ35 records video in NTSC format (I'm talking about the AVCHD) with 29.97 FPS while the FZ38 records video in [email protected] FPS. But in my case, although the model is FZ35, it's recording at 25 FPS. What's more funny is that the unit I returned to the seller, recorded videos at 30 FPS. I haven't found any settings to change the FPS in the camera nor I think there are any. So can you guys please help me to understand how this can be possible? I don't think that the unit is a fake one as the still shots are like what they should be. Maybe the issue doesn't sound much of an issue too...because it ain't a camcorder whatsoever...but it's bothering me. Are there any "PAL model" of the FZ35 available? Because then that's what I got after the replacement...

Another thing to consider here is that I haven't yet bought any class 6 SDHC cards...I just have a 4 gig class 2 sandisk. Though I don't think that the framerate would drop (but bitrate could...perhaps) because of the speed of the card and the previous unit also recorded those 30 FPS videos in this card only...but I thought I should mention this as well.

Please help...thanks.
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