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I had a similar problem with an Ambarella based cam and banged my head up the wall for two days to solve it. There is something tricky you should know about MOV files.

As you know MOV files contain some kind of links or packages, called atoms and block called 'moov' in the header which link them. It looks like hybrid cams record this 'moov' section separately after the video recording is stopped. And this is the reason why restoration is so tricky and usually restored files won't play, giving off an error that 'QuickTime can't play this file, because it is a file QuickTime doesn't understands' or something like that. So here is the solution to solve this problem:

Use your favorite undelete software to restore the MOV files from inside the folder 100Media. After that check the card for lost files (you can search for such with PC Inspector Data Recovery which is a freeware, or other program - I think that in the end I used iCare). You will notice that it will contain the MOV files with the same size the ones you restored, but also - for each of them is followed by one extra much smaller MOV file. Now this is the trick - this extra MOV file contains the missing 'moov' fragment. Now you have to use your favorite HEX editor to put it where it belongs. If you don't have one I recommend HxD HEX Editor. First open the bigger MOV file you restored - it should begin with ' qt.... ' something followed by lots of zeros. After a while the zeros should end and the mdat data stream should begin (you will see a mess of characters). Then - open in a separate tab the smaller MOV file you've restored and select everything in it and copy it to clipboard. Return to the tab, containing the opened larger MOV file, position your cursor just after the last zero before the data stream and click Edit - > Paste insert . Then save the file and open it with QuickTime - it's fixed.

Sorry I can't provide more pictorial description, but I just wanted to share the wisdom, because I really needed to to this and couldn't find anywhere on the web how to.

So I performed some experiments with my cam to find that - I shot a clip and copied it to the computer. Then I deleted it through the cam menu and restored it using undelete software from the card. I compared the headers and saw what's missing. Then I found it in the Lost section.

Hope I helped someone!
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