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Frogfish, please tell me if I am mis-using Live view. I see this as a gimmick and don't ever use it. Sliding the power switch over to live view is a gesture that is nearly impossible to NOT budge the camera so almost every shot with it used adds a blurred motion from the camera moving, even when tripod mounted. This seems like a moronic way of initiating live view, as its much easier to click the shutter button and delete it rather than firmly hold the camera in place with one hand and ever so slightly move the power switch over. If it was a button opposed to a spring loaded slider, it wouldnt result in the camera wanting to move so much.

Is this not how live view works? It seems 1000 times easier to snap the pic and decide if its garbage rather than use live view and hope you get a semi decent non blurred photo. I know it IS used for reference, but when Live view works the same way as taking a photograph, only requiring a harder to use method of snapping the image, it seems completely useless. no?
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