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My first thought when looking at them was that you're just seeing a normal Depth of Field issue (objects further away from your focus point are blurry due to DOF limitations, since it looks like you're letting the camera select the focus point for you and a camera will often select a closer subject if you don't pick the focus point yourself). See this page for more info on Depth of Field:

But, even though the subjects on the left side of the frame are further away from where your camera likely focused, that still looks like something else could be going on, and you'll have a lot of DOF with a camera like yours.

I'd take a photo of a brick wall, newspaper or something similar. Make sure your camera is square to the target (not tilted left, right, up or down). I'd use the Center Focus point for testing. If all 4 corners are equally soft (provided you're sure your camera is square to a flat target), then it's probably fine. If not (blurrier in one corner or side versus the others), you may have an optical element or sensor alignment issue (my best guess as to your problem), and need to return it for service. I'd try it with a tripod and turn stabilization off for the tests (as using stabilization with a tripod can cause blur with some systems).
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