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Hello There aladyfourty,

Three points have been made in your replies, two I agree with, yes a Circular Pol filter would help, yes it is a very high contrast scene,
I do not agree with the tree reflections though.

Yesterday I photographed 79 seascapes on Queenslands Sunshine Coast, most of which were high contrast, when I saw your photo I opened up yesterdays images to see if I had anything that would compare.

I found plenty of glare on my images, mostly caused by cloud reflections, also rising waves catching the sunlight, even in calmer waters water movement caused highlights/glare.

It is natural to get glare in water, to remove it I think would make water look fake, your picture looks very nice, cant wait to get over and photograph it myself.

We in Australia, the skin cancer capital of the world have to contend with brilliant sunshine, there is very little one can do to improve details in the shaded areas.

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