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Originally Posted by penolta View Post
Well, after over a half century of taking pictures with 30 or 40 different cameras, I no longer impress easily, but I have to tell you that after using the latest generation of cameras like the newest Pentax and Sony dslrs, and now this -- Oh, times they are a-changing.
Indeed, they are! I, for one, am lovin' it.

Originally Posted by Strobe View Post
Kudo's, kudos, Boss Man !

These pics really get me going ! I'm making my own coffee and saving myself another 2 bux a day toward this purchase....

I wanna make pictures just like this !
Maybe you can start something along the lines of "Gary's HS 10 School of Mastery" or something....

I'm in.... course, at the rate I'm going, by the time I pony up, something else will raise it's beautiful head.... satisfied ? No, no, never satisfied.... not me.

Thanks for showing us again, just what this thing can do !
Dang! Tell me how you REALLY feel. heheheheh Thanks very much. Keep learning!

Originally Posted by 2raj View Post
Great set of pics! Nice timing on capturing the actions.
Originally Posted by greenbaron View Post
Brilliant images Gary!
Thank you, everyone, for the effusion of kindness and compliments!
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