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Originally Posted by maggo85 View Post
So here we go with another five - really hard to pick

#1 - This is my favorite from my wife's shots - love the composition, color and background:

#2 - Burning Clouds II... Innsbruck is a really nice city!

#3 - Honeybee... the one that I think came out best from the "spring" set!

#4 - Reflection At Lake Piburg... quite a lovely place!

#5 - and finally.... my favorite from my first plane shooting try

BTW, thank you Javier for your kind words about my "lonely tree" shot!

Thank's a lot to all you great photogs for sharing your stunning shots another time in this "5 of the best" thread!!
Very nicely done Maggo, you take some great landscape shots. And for you first time out with planespotting the Niki airline shot is great.
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