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Default HS-10 or FZ-35

This is my second time posting to this forum. I initially asked about choosing between a micro 4/3 and DSLR.

At this point I have decided that considering my budget, and the type and volume of photography that I do, I would be probably adequately served by a bridge camera. (Although all things being equal, I would still prefer a K-X with a travel lens, like a Tamron 17-250).

I had more or less decided on a Panasonic FZ-35 as a good all-round compromise, when I started seeing photographs posted by Fuji HS-10 users. The Fuji pics seem to have better colour and more detail. I realize the Fuji is more temperamental, has has firmware glitches, and has a learning curve with regard to menus and manual controls, but these are not barriers to me.

So now I am stuck in indecision. Fuji or Panny? Image quality is the most important thing for me. The length of the zoom is not that important.
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