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Originally Posted by miller342
I bought the Panasonic flash unit for this camera. They are available now. Pricing was ok, particularly since the hotshoe is not proprietary, and it is a choice to go for the panasonic unit. Seems well made. It appears to have a reasonable range and an extra diffuser for wide angle or diffuse light which stores conveiniently on the flash head, won't get lost. I like to take macro shots frequently.
I could use some general flash tips and pointers for this flash.

Seems to be an auto mode, an auto up close macro mode down to about a foot distance (1/3 meter) and two strenghts for manual mode, one with a guide number for distance and another for intermediate distance. Is this correct? I did read the instructions at least once. I'm still digesting. I need to play with it this weekend.

Has a test fire button. And a blink light to show that the subject was within range for auto flash.

Is there a simple way to use this for daylight fill flash?

Which flash did you get, in the end, PE-36S or the PE-28S? Also, where did you get it from? Trying searches for the model numbers and getting practically no hits other than mentions of the PE-28S in reviews for the FZ10.
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