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Default FZ35 pics - autumn leaves

Hi there,

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because the weather in Pretoria has been awful during April, so the opportunities for great pictures were limited. Anyway, we now have beautiful sunshine, and this morning I thought I'd capture some autumn foliage on my way to work. It's a row of Liquid Ambers planted along a street that I travel each day, and in autumn they put on a splendid show of yellow, orange and dark red. Some have already lost their foliage ("When autumn leaves ... Begin to fall"), but I had to wait for a sunny day. Keep in mind that this was relatively early in the morning - in the 3rd and 5th shot I bumped up the Gamma using IrfanView, to get some details in the shady areas.

In the 5th shot I used telephoto to frame an interesting house, about 1 km away, between two Liquid Ambers, about 50 m away.

And yes, I'm beginning to enjoy the FZ35!

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