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Okay here is the deal.... I found one used camera on Adorama (I hope no one snatches it now that I said it out laud. I don't want to jinx it. lol). It is $144 + about $6 shipping charge. And it is rated as condition V (very good).

I have called them up and asked them to clarify the condition. The guy on the phone said that it has minor scrapes but nothing that would affect the functionality. No damage on the lens or anything. He said the scrapes are mostly where the buttons are because of use. He also added how extensive testing they are making and tried to assure me that the product is good condition. And of course it comes with 90 day warranty.

I have asked if they provide extended warranty (since I am a little nervous buying used camera). He said for $39 I can get a 3 year extended warranty from a third party company that they have been working with for over 30 or 40 years or so. He told me what a huge company they are and that they are all over the world not only in the USA (but I forgot their name, duh!) Anyway, this warranty wouldn't cover the accidental damage due to drops or so (cause that would have cost me somewhere up in the $90's or so.)

Now, what do you think? Shall I go for it? Both the camera and the extended warranty? or just the camera and forget warranty???

All and all it would cost me $189 with the extended warranty.... Best deal I found so far.

There was also someone else on craigslist (another state) selling his ZS3 for $180. (The one in my state for $200 is gone). This guy advertised his camera as in "mint condition". I was thinking if the one at the store doesn't work out or something, I could maybe convince him sell me this camera over ebay (so I would also be protected with buyer's protection policy with ebay and paypal) and could get additional extended warranty from a third party company....

I don't know, am I over thinking this ....

Now that I know what camera I want to buy, I am just excited and want to get my hands on one as soon as I can )

Please share your thoughts...
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