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Hi All,

I'll play. . . I got these today in a little flower garden that one of the older ladies in my complex keeps. I'm not sure of the IDs -- any corrections would be welcome -- I don't know that much about insects and spiders. All with the K-7, Sigma EX 180/3.5 Macro, F 1.7x AFA. The flash used in #2 is the Metz 15 MS1.

#1 is a Crane Fly. It was hanging from some leaves very tightly, and was there the whole time I was shooting. I messed up the angle, and one of the front legs obscures the head. This was natural light.

#2 is a Hover Fly, shot with the flash. These guys don't stay still long. I got a couple of HFIF shots, but they didn't come out as well as I'd hoped.

#3 is an unidentified spider. I'm finding how hard it is to ID these guys on the web, though there's a lot of information. . . I'll have to get some books. . .I tried to time a shot when it was shooting silk strands in different directions, and got lucky with this one -- it's barely visible at this size. This is also natural light.

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