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Hi Folks,
I've been wanting to contribute to this thread ever since it first appeared, unfortunately my mobility has been and still is severely limited by an attack of scatica, improvement is very slow, but yesterday I made the effort, and managed a couple of shots (out of several) I thought I could post. I don't consider that they come close to other excellent submissions posted ... they're the best I can manage at present time.
My understanding of macro has always been, an image of life size 1:1 or greater, say 10:1, I know my shots are outside that range ... no better than 1:3 (1/3 life size) at best. Surprisingly the lens used I don't believe I ever tried in macro mode before, I'm pleased with the results, and will try out it's possibilities further.
OK shot with the K100D with a Tamron SP 28 - 80 f3.5 - 4.2 handheld using focus trap technique, I was surprised and pleased to note that it was triggering the shutter readily at f11 ( most lenses I find get iffy around f8)
The subjects BTW are all I could find in the limited range of my garden. ... Jack
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