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Originally Posted by JimC View Post
This one looks close:

No offense to wildlife lovers. But, in my "neck of the woods", I'd classify it as Dead if I ran into it, as it resembles a Copperhead too much for my liking. That's just my personal opinion, not that of Steve's. ;-)

IOW, I'm not going to try and get close enough to figure out if the eyes look slanted or round and if the bands are slightly different or not, to try and analyze finer nuances between species to determine if it's poisonous; as if I see a snake that's not very obviously harmless (garter snake, green snake, etc.), and it's in an area where my family may step on it by accident, I'm going to take action to make sure it's not a potential source of harm to my family, especially with larger water snakes.

I never claimed to be a nice guy as far as snakes go. ;-)
My exact sentiment.
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