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Well, a bit frustrated now. My wife took our D40 to the park today, and when she grabbed the camera bag she didn't latch it and the camera fell out and hit lens first on the ground from about 8 inches up. The body is fine, and it still takes photo's as I put on the other 55-200 lens, now the D40 18-55 kit lens (which I use 90% of the time) will not auto focus at the full 55mm range, it just makes a weird clicking noise, and won't take the picture.

So less then a week and a half, we will be headed out for vacation for 10 days. Was really looking to spend $320 tops on a P&S camera and Zi8. I am now wondering if I should sell the D40 body and use the money to still get the Zi8 and a better point and shoot. My only concern is that most of our pictures of our three year old and our dogs, and family events etc.

If I keep the D40, I won't have the cash to buy a P&S, as I will most likely just get another 18-55 lens, and I will need to lug that monster around the whole trip. I Really need the Zi8 for my youtube videos.

I just feel like I don't shoot a ton of pics now as it is because I have to get the camera bag etc, it's just a pain. If I had a good P&S, I think I would shoot more pictures, but I am not sure if I am going to miss the pictures that I am getting from a DLSR with my little one.

Any thoughts? What a freaking game changer. I need to decide and order by Thursday. Help!

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