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Originally Posted by chillgreg View Post
I really don't understand the need for expensive tripods. Given, a heavy DSLR with heavy lenses will need one, but for these little plastic cams that weigh so little? I just use a 3 shot 10 sec timer burst on a 20 buck tripod, and 99% of the time all 3 are keepers. Is it a bit of equipment envy going on?
I guess it depends on what you want out of your tripod. I also have a old cheapo tripod I use for a lot of things. But now that I have a camera that can do HD video I wanted something more solid with an elevator and a smooth head. Most of the cheap tripods I looked at, the movement of the head was not smooth. Here is a neat little video review of the Slik U-212 if your interested

Also the whole jist of my post was that there are great deals to be had if your patient and just keep looking. I got a $230 tripod for $33!!!! Is it an expensive tripod?, yes. But was it expensive for me?, no!
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