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Cameta is a reputable vendor and you're probably not going to do much better on a kit with extra batteries (although I don't know if they're genuine Nikon batteries or aftermarket batteries).

It looks like some of the vendors have a Nikon D5000 two lens kit for $799 right now. Click on (a reputable vendor) from our price search engine and you'll see a cart price of $799 for it, even though it's showing up as higher in the price search engine.

Note that Cameta Camera also sells on Ebay, so you may want to look at their listings there and consider a Nikon USA refurbished camera, too. They show these as "Factory Demos" in their listings. They have a 90 Day Nikon USA Warranty, but Cameta gives you a one year warranty on them. It looks like the two lens kits are running approx. $664 now (plus shipping).

See their store for more:

The best way to find the two lens kits is to put this in the store search box:

D5000 55-200mm

They're an authorized Nikon USA dealer and offer them both new and refurbished.

Note that you'll want to make sure to buy Nikon gear from an Authorized Nikon dealer, making sure it comes with a Nikon USA Manufacturers Warranty. Many dealers sell gray market gear (not intended for sale in the U.S.), with misleading warranty information in the listings (for example, USA Warranty when they really mean a store warranty versus a Nikon USA Warranty). ;-)

Nikon USA will refuse to service a gray market camera, even if you are willing to pay for the service.

Cameta is reputable (selling Nikon gear that's intended for sale in the U.S.), whereas many other Ebay vendors are not.
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