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My bad. I meant the 55-200mm lens.

JimC's first link from has both VR lenses.

Its $800 with free shipping. I should be able to get a good Nikon case for $30 (the same one in TCav's B&H deal), memory card for $20 (8 GB, class 6) and a Nikon spare battery for $30. This totally costs $890 (with shipping) and its all the accessories I like. The package deal is $900 for accessories I don't like. Thanks JimC for the deal.

Also, do I really need to get a genuine Nikon battery for a spare battery? I can get cheaper ones for around $10. Do you think it could possibly spoil the camera?

And I don't think my sister will want a refurbished one. Although its more for emotional reasons than objective reasons.

Thanks again for the advice and the links. I too am worried about buying an shady deal. So that's why I thought to stick with Amazon although I don't like the items I'm getting in the deal.

Keep me updated on the deals.

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