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Default Samsung WB500 low light and other problems

Hi, I got a Samsung WB500 yesterday to act as a supplementary camera to my old faithful NV24 HD which gets used so much it'll be wearing out soon, love the extra optical/24mm settings and no sound loss on zooming but try as I might I cannot get a decent photo or movie in low light due to excessive noise and dark/red colouring, tried using what I hope are the same settings for the cameras side by side but my NV24 HD works so much better, the lighting settings just don't seem to be anywhere near as effective on the WB500, I don't know if I've got a faulty WB500 or it just isn't as good in low light. There were only 2 of them in Argos, the first wouldn't charge up so I had to take it back so I don't want to have to take this one back as otherwise it's a long trail out to another Argos or the dreaded home delivery or a refund then I'm back to square one getting another camera.

I have a few problems with zooming too, most of the time it's fine but every so often it does blur when on full optical zoom, don't have this problem with the NV24.

Not sure how to put up film clips or photos on here to show the comparison, still new to the forum so not technical like the rest of you so any help would be appreciated.

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