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I have enough adjustment to focus without glasses and without them it works fine until I have to look up at normal distances. I have a nasty astigmatism so while my vision eye to eye is fine without the glasses I will see overlapped images. If at all possible I would prefer a solution that lets me wear my glasses instead of taking them off to shoot and then putting them right back on.

I had handled enough DSLR's to know I was going to have this problem and was my reasoning in waiting to buy until a well reviewed Sony version of live view became available.

For lack of a better term it seems to be an eye relief issue. (less than optimal eye relief narrows the field of view and will tend to clip the corners) I can find the focus just not the full field of view. I have the same problem with sporting optics that want to be that close.

I did see the slip on correctors and think they will be my best starting point. If I do not find one that works I will at least have a fixture to hold a custom lens. The lens in the Sony FDA-ME1AM can be removed so replacing that lens might be a solution but at the cost of the Eye Start AF. I am confident that a solution can be found. If an off the shelf fix cannot be found Morris owns and operates our local vision center and has worked with optical lenses for better than 40 years so I am certain something custom can be made. My first choice is always be to buy something like this off the shelf whenever possible. (thought a big part of me enjoys the problem solving)

Thank you for the input

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