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Storing by date:
I wanted to do it that way to specifically avoid storing by event. My reasoning was that a date based system would be more organized, sorted, and easier to maintain programatically. I had planned to handle events using playlists, which I would create manually as I went. For instance, one of my daughter's B'Day's is April 17. So all photos from her party would be located at /Photos/2010/04/17/*. I would then use a playlist file to show a slideshow of the interesting photos from that event. The playlist file would be named accordingly based on the event and would be stored in a playlist folder under the /Photos directory tree. I think most of the media players available today support playlists.

Jim that is my ultimate goal as well. I had looked at doing it a year or so ago, but got put off by the costs involved and decided to put it off. But instead of having a backend/frontend on a single PC, I'd much rather have a backend server and an individual frontend at each TV. That way everyone in the house could watch what they want when they want, all served from the backend server. I had hoped to avoid HTPCs at each TV and instead be able to use the new media players as frontends. I don't really need MythTV's menu system at each TV, since it apparently has a web capable scheduling system. And basically all I'd want MythTV to do is record and then play back what it records over the network. But I'm still researching it and haven't decided which way to go yet, in regards to HTPC frontends or not. I have Comcast Digital cable currently, so I'm not sure how much that complicates MythTV. I got a letter from Comcast last week stating that they were converting all of their channels to digital and that I would need to aquire a digital adapter (or set top cable box) for every TV in house. I currently have 2 cable boxes, 1 HD box and one SD box. The other TVs in the house are just connected directly via coax. But if them going digital also means everything is going to be encrypted so that I can not record it any longer, then I may as well forget about MythTV.
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