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Originally Posted by BDD View Post
Just took some test images hand-held. At f/5.6 to f/9. Seemed to turn out well. Here are two...I was about a foot above...
Those are both excellent examples of the problem of depth of field when shooting macro. In the first, the "Toonie" is out of focus, but the Quarters are all sharp. In the second, the watch's dial is sharp, but either end of the wrist strap is blurry.

Originally Posted by BDD View Post
Also, I suppose...if I wanted to have every item in the keys/watch photo in-focus then it would call for using a tripod as well...
Well, it would call for using a much smaller aperture, to get a deeper depth of field, and to compensate for the decrease in light, you'd need to use a higher ISO setting (risking image noise) and/or a slower shutter speed (risking motion blur due to camera shake, despite the VR.)
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