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I guess it depends on your definition of "really need". Having them is a plus Use them when needed.

The lens hood and adapter help shade the lens from glare and "reflections". Most of the time they can be eliminated by not letting the sun shine into the lens.

Press the Disply button on the camera and your LCD screen will change (I think there are 5 different display settings). Keep pressing and you will see the horizontal (and verticle) grid.

I use the UV filter to protect the lens and I leave it on all the time.
It's a lot easier to clean the UV filter.
Hope that helps

Originally Posted by eysha View Post
Do i really need the hood lens/adapter? I have never used one before.
Where is the horizontal indicator on the camera? I was reading Joe's page.
Do i need to get a UV protector/filter and do i leave it on all the time and if so why?

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