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Originally Posted by Dahammer View Post
I have a couple questions for you folks familiar with this camera. I don't mean to take over this thread or anything, I just thought I'd ask them here so they'd be easier to find for others looking for settings for this camera.

1) I know Sarah suggested Auto ISO, but I've noticed a good bit of noise at higher ISO settings. It doesn't really effect me too much, as most of what we'll print will be 4 x 6 prints. But be that as it may, do you guys lock down the ISO to a top setting or generally just allow the camera to decide what's best?

2) There are 3 ISO related settings while in P mode, "Intelligent ISO", "ISO Sensitivity" and "ISO Limit Set". What do you generally use for all 3 of those?

3) Is there a way to focus through a chain link fence and not have it visible on the photo? I was at my daughter's little league game yesterday afternoon and the fence messed up most of my shots. I seem to recall seeing a way to get it out of the photo somehow, but I don't recall where I saw it.
1. I like to set mine at 800 but I go higher if needed (especially hight shots or inside where it's dark)

2. You can can ISO in P mode by pressing the joystick button - look on page 131 for an explanation of these.

3. Maybe if you are close enough or can zoom in - use spot focus in the p mode - it will depend on the distance - the sensor has to focus through the links

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