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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

The cracked LCD thing has gotten a lot of play on Amazon, but in truth, I have owned a half dozen Panasonic P+S cameras and never experienced a single cracked LCD screen. I teach digital camera and therefore, speak to many students as well. Not one Panasonic user has reported as cracked LCD screens. The Panasonic P+S cameras are a good choice, just be aware that most have weak built-in flash units.

I would pass on the Fuji F-70 EXR if this is going to be a shared camera. There are lots of good choice out there such as the Canon SD-940, SD-1200, the new SD-4000, the Casio EX-Z2000, the Canon SX-120 or SX-200, to mention a few highly rated cameras.

Best of luck in your search. We are here to help you, just ask away.

Sarah Joyce
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