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Originally Posted by Eetu View Post
Hi gang,

I am using a Pentax K7, I shot the following scene this morning before the weather suddenly went South on me. I am still doing some experimenting with different software regarding RESIZING... do you have a preference of any of these photos??? there were resized into two different programmes.
This is one of those photos like I mentioned the other day, that look so different depending on which monitor I use. On the 47" LCD I can see both photos side by side, which is nice because I can compare detail to detail without scrolling. The funny thing is, on the big screen, there is enough difference to make me believe they could have been taken with different lenses, on the 19" CRT they are so close I really can't see a difference.
Also, on the big screen, they look a little too light and the CRT looks great.
BTW, I like the composition on these.

One other thing, I find that shooting in RAW 2240ppi, do my editing/resizing in CS4 and converting to TIF and save. I normally resize to 8X10 or 8X12 @ 200ppi. That way I retain my original IQ and don't get the artifacts that come with jpeg's and the compressed format. Of course that gives you bigger files to deal with so, its kind of a trade off depending on what your final goal is.

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