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Default kodak kdc file problem

Two of my friends who run a school for graphic design related
a problem encountered by one of their students.

She owned a Casio digicam (not sure what model), snapped
several pictures and filled up the memory card. Following supplied
instructions, she then proceeded to download the pictures onto a
viewing / editing program apparently supplied by Kodak. Having
a need to snap some more, she then erased the first lot of files
from the card so as to make space.

When she got back to the Kodak program later, she found that her
first set of files were no longer separately available, in the way
you might expect to see them listed in a folder. While the data was
still available within the viewing program, she felt that she no longer
had any control over its contents. For instance, she hoped that the
files could be converted to JPG format with its attendant benefit of
smaller size.

Would anyone have any idea what can be done to regain control?
I'd appreciate very much any feedback that can help, thanks in
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