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Default I'm finally back...with some Thai photos

Hello dear Steve's Forum friends

I've been absent for a long time (for many and varied reasons) - but now planning to be more involved again - like the good ol' days. I've seen some great talent, just browsing here the last few hours.

A few weeks ago I went to Thailand - mainly to visit some friends in Bangkok. I booked & planned my travel early this year (when there were not yet any signs of protests, etc).

Part of my travel plans had to change due to this, so I spent most of the time in Phuket, but did eventually get to see my friends in Bangkok too. It was my first time in Thailand (though I've travelled and live extensively abroad for many years).

I loved my time there, and hope to share some of the experience with this sample of 5 photos in this post. You can view more on my online Thailand May 2010 album here:
I look forward to your comments! Will keep me feeling warm while going through winter here in Adelaide, South Australia (which is a 'chilly' +15 degrees Celsius - well it feels cold compared to the tropics!)

Warm regards,

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