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Originally Posted by SharpShotGal View Post
I think PJ meant a town not a phrase but yea its been raining a lot but look at all the colors that the rain is bringing with it I love to play in the rain its the cold it gains on my skin!

PJ explain the shot where the glass is broken and the women in heels in the back ground! Great shots though!
Yeah, SharpShotGal - you're right (and I think Bynx knew it too) - I did mean Phuket (as in the area / province of Thailand).

The tropical rain is quite refreshing. Thankfully most of the time I was in Thailand it was actually great weather. (even though it was supposed to be the start of the 'rainy season'). However the locals told me that apparently even in the worst months, it's not continuous.

The broken glass / woman in heels - well they are bullet holes. It is central Bangkok. There was a lot of shooting / protests there last month (Did you hear about it on the news there?) It was quite big news in Australia. So yes, (sadly) - those were fresh bullet holes. I titled that photo 'Trouble with sore, cracked feet?'

My online album shows many more photos evidencing the aftermath of the protests and the crackdown which led to its end.

Thanks for looking

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