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Streets, I have AF lenses covering most of the range. I am a lacking on the shortest lenses but did run across a nice 28-85 dirt cheap. Using the old lenses was as much sentimental as anything else.

My father served as part of a photo recon squadron during the Korean war and after leaving the service he would buy surplus aerial cameras to rebuild and sell. He did some trading with a shop that was going out of business and ended up with all of their Minolta inventory. I have an extended selection of lenses but dad did 35mm so was not overly concerned with having the short prime lenses with the exception of a 16mm fish eye. I noticed your hat. My dad was the one that petitioned Todd Hunter down in Corpus Christi to get the Korean Veteran license plates here in Texas.

MC/MD prices are nothing to get excited about but some do still have limited value. Sold on E-Bay I doubt most of them could bring enough to justify the time and sellers fees. The price curve for the manual lenses follows the AF lenses just much lower in most cases.

I agree with you Frank but again it is much sentimental as anything else.

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