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Hello TCav. Your 50mm F/1.4 is a perfect case in point. Maxxum lenses that go to F/1.4 also claim a premium over their more generic counterparts. As a rough guide I have found that MC/MD lenses seem to bring about a third of their AF counterparts. Actual mileage may vary of course

I agree with you on eBay. I have bought and sold a few things. Buying is not bad but selling is a royal pain if you are only trying to liquidate a few items. We do not have anything like the Photorama shows in this area. I have to travel to Houston or up around Dallas to find a dedicated camera shop. I spent a full day in Beaumont looking for a camera bag I could live with and found nothing I thought I wanted. The big box stores killed the little guy and focused on the quick sale mass market leaving guys like us out in the cold. I did not find a single store that carried filters for SLR lenses. Best Buy had one entry level Sony Alpha (on sale) with a single kit lens and carried no accessories. Target had one Cannon DSLR with a kit lens (also on sale) with no DSLR focused accessories.

I like living out in the country but it does have its drawbacks. Camera shops must be a big contributor to the smog problem as the only place I find a shop is under a big cloud of smog.

Here is a question. I am looking for a camera bag. Here is what I think I need from said bag. I would call it a "point a to point b" bag. Something in a shoulder bag (tabs for a waist belt would be preferred) that would hold everything to and from an event or on vacation. I am not concerned about quick access (I have a belt with a couple of pouches for walking around). Figure the body with no lens attached and space for five or six lenses of varying length and maybe a flash unit. Pockets on each end for batteries, chargers, and interface cables. Spot for the manuals and my filter wallet. The ability to go as carry on through airport security would be nice but is not required. Tight closure for protection from blowing dust and can stand some exposure to rain.

I found quite a bit on the web but hate buying from a picture with no hands on opportunities. I would like to keep it under $200.00 if possible but I will pay what is required for the right bag. Any suggestions?

Note to Mods: this is completely off of the original topic so if it should be in a different place let me know to move or feel free to do so if you deem fit.

Thank you

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