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[QUOTE=pj1974;1109457]Yeah, SharpShotGal - you're right (and I think Bynx knew it too) - I did mean Phuket (as in the area / province of Thailand).

The broken glass / woman in heels - well they are bullet holes. It is central Bangkok. There was a lot of shooting / protests there last month (Did you hear about it on the news there?) It was quite big news in Australia. So yes, (sadly) - those were fresh bullet holes. I titled that photo 'Trouble with sore, cracked feet?'

I don't watch the news much not since so much of it is bad news! I hate bad news when to much in my own life has been bad news! I prefer to not know and try to make it a better world in the way of being a good neighbor! and mind my business... to may out to get for not being on their own side of the life times!
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