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Default Ice Caves at Sam's Point in NY

We went hiking at Sam’s Point on the Shawangunk Ridge in New York. Most of the hike is on the plateau (max height is 2,289 feet according to populated by dwarf pine trees. So there’s no shade and you’re out in the open with no respite from the hot sun for at least maybe 5 miles of hiking.

We hiked only up to the Ice Caves as we came late, about 3 miles from the start.

#1) Entrance to the caves.

#2) Going down deep. The terrain I’d say is very rough with plenty of opportunities to slip and fall.

#3) There’s a big rock perched atop the two slabs that form the passageway at the entrance. Actually, most of the path is made up of passageways between slabs, so you constantly see a sliver of the sky above.

#4) At least one passageway was so narrow an obese person might not go through. He or she will have to back up the way he or she came.

#5) Lighted cave. Some caves have motion-activated lamps.

#6) Crevice. Some crevices are completely dark and inaccessible (unless you want to risk serious injury). Here I set my camera for a 30-second exposure and light-painted the crevice with my flashlight. Bear in mind that without a flashlight you'll see absolutely nothing but blackness in this part of the cave.

#7) More light painting, this time a bit more even.

#8) It’s called “Ice Caves” because even in the 80+ degrees summer weather we went in, there’s ice at the bottom of the caves.

#9) Upon exit, this is what you see. Actually, you see this, too, on the way in, but I have to show it last for some drama.

#10) I tried bringing home a souvenir but on account of the hike being nearly three miles back, I decided against it.

Next time we’ll hike farther to reach Verdeerkill Falls and go all the way around the 10 mile hike.
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