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Thanks for sharing - these are some nice fan shots from the stands!
Shot 1: catcher & ump aren't really necessary - the story is the ball on the ground and the player looking at it. The other elements distract from that story
Shot 2: Nice timing but the shot is overcropped and has too much noise. Faces are important and these have a lot of noise and loss of detail because of the high crop. Timing is very good though!

Shot 3: Very nice timing. But theframing again is an issue. The catcher isn't doing anything here - the story is the batter and the ball but they're pushed to the right of the frame and the background is very distracting. So the catcher and background distract from the story of the shot.

Shot 4: again good timing. But overcropping and noise really diminish the shot. It's also underexposed - remember it's faces that are important and the catcher's face and expression are critical components. Shooting at f7.1 is really hurting you here

Shot 5: exposure is better but the play is over and no one is doing much of interest - shot 4 was the moment.

shot 6: decent shot but the player leaving the frame is distracting and there's a lot of dead space - you need more reach to make a shot like this work - getting closer without having to crop and lose detail. The challenge of sports shooting is you're not going to be able to reach all the action on the field - so sit on action you CAN reach. That will improve the quality of your keepers.

shot 7: a bit late - nice to catch him in the air but you want to do it with the ball closer to his arm - the moment you want to capture is between this shot and the last.

shot 8: not much going on here. The face is underexposed and noise is an issue. And the fans at the top of the frame don't add much and distract.

You've got some decent shots Greg but you don't have enough reach to retain quality for what you're trying to shoot and you need the shots to be even tighter for them to work. Now, this may sound harsh to some people - but this is a sports photography forum - it's not a MLB fan forum. So, there are no bonus points for it being a major league team. A quality photo, shot tight, with shallow DOF and low noise of a little league game can be a lot better than fan shots from the stands at a MLB event. So, as a fan shot they work very nicely but as a sports shot, you've overextended the gear (and that's not a knock on the gear at all - it's extremely difficult to shoot in a pro park which is why I tell people if they want to shoot baseball shoot lower levels where distances and lighting are more favorable).
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