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Default In search of a camera with very good image and video quality


I need to buy a camera that would let me shoot good photos as well as record high quality videos. Basically I don’t want to carry two cameras (camcorder + digital camera) where ever I go. I am looking for one camera that would give me both.

Obviously there are SLRs out there however they are above my budget.

There are some super zoom digital cameras that let you shoot HD videos. e.g. Sony H55 or Nikon L110 or Panasonic Lumix’s superzoom cameras . Does anybody have used any of these? Is the video quality of these cameras sufficient for non-professional use?

Also, there is Sony Bloggie which is actually pocket HD camcorder however lets you click 5 MP still images and with 5X zoom.

Would someone who is expert advise me on this?

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