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Thanks so much TCav.
I been having a hard time finding any comparison between the 500s and 700. I see many posts from over a year ago when people were thinking Sony would come out with the next generation 700 (guess that is not happening). I have not been able to find a store with a 700 in it since they have been off the market for so long. I have been able to look at a 500 and find it a bit plastic feeling; though i can find a 500/550 cheaper than a 700. Is the 500/550 better?

i will mostly do pet photography, though I may eventually try to go to horse shows with my laptop and printer on hand to try and drum up business. So far I am only donating my services for the AHS, 2Wheels4Heroes (Harley group for veterans), and a golden retreiver rescue organization (RAGOM). I get very favorable comments and people are very happy with the pictures I take, but I want to get more schooling in before going more 'public'.
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