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Originally Posted by fldspringer View Post
No matter how good one may think they are doing, someone else comes along and puts your work into perspective.
Well that's true but I think it's important for us photographers to distinguish between technical excellence and artistic merit, lest we just get discouraged and give up.

Photography is an art form and we tend to agree (culturally?) on basic requirements for what is "good" technically. In photography that includes sharpness, proper exposure, probably bokeh, etc. etc. etc.

Assuming technically good images, a "good" image artistically is pretty much a matter of opinion - different folks respond to images differently.

I think that the images I linked to, and the ones you linked to, are great images artistically. But that doesn't mean that you and I and other folks can't also produce what most folks would agree are great images artistically. I think your images of your dogs are artistically great. I'd hate to see anyone who wants to shoot hummingbirds, give up because they don't think they can do as well as the images we posted.

OK, end of rant.

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