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Default Can anyone explain please this puzzle? so disappointed. FZ38

Hi, i am just back from my safari park trip and when i looked at my photos i was so disappointed in a lot of them. i am posting only these few as they show what i want to show. being new i kept my camera on the iA setting throughout for safelty as i am new to photography and i knew there wouldn't be time to mess with exposure, iso etc.
I had bought lenses from Amazon before leaving, one to protect the lens, one to stop glare through glass and the other is a florecent lens. I kept the non-reflective lens on while on the bus going through the wild animal section and as you can see the lens' didn't work - disppointment number one. photo included to show rflections.
when off the bus there was no further need to use the non reflective lens so i took it off and just replaced it with the protective lens for the rest of my trip. as said earlier i used iA setting throughout for safety so can anyone please explaing why my photos are so different? i did not play with any settings at all. i took the advice of members here and kep it on iA setting all the time. I gave my Fuji fd8000 to my daughter to use on this trip and her photos are really good compared to mine.I have included the photo info and reduced the size for posting but they have not been altered in any way at all other than that. The time difference was only one min between taking the gorilla and the seal so why the difference? Do i have a faulty camera? any help would be great so thanks in advance if you can help.
Anyone know how to improve the colours to save them, as in programme alterations as opposed to deleting them all.
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